What Do You Know Of Irish Traditional Foods? Find It Out

Ireland is an island in north Atlantic region, which shows great cultural heritage. Behind every nation there is a history and Ireland is no exception. The name is followed by some tragic events that will give you chills but with ages, Ireland gained its normalcy back and with that the balance in culture ad food habits also came back.

The main item of Ireland is potato that acts as all day energy foods. There were times when this was the dominant item of all Irish cuisine. But with time, many sizzling preparation has replaced potato from the list and because of that whenever we talk about Irish traditional foods, there comes the picture of delicious desserts, drinks and other stews.

After reviving from the famine of 1945-1949, Ireland happened to show drastic changes in food habits. In recent years, we find variety of stews, drinks, ales, broths in the Irish menu. Depending upon the most common classification of foods i.e. main course, drinks and desserts we will discuss about some recipes with fresh fragrant of Ireland.

Main course

The three legged pot named as cauldron plays a great role in Irish food habits. Because of this we found a supremacy of stews and broths in Irish culture.

Here are some of the best main course you can look for while wishing some Irish taste.

Dublin coddle

As everyone knows, the name of this dish shares the love for the capital and the myth says that two legends Jonathan Swifts and James Joyce first experimented on this dish.

This is basically a stew that matches best with brown bread. This traditional preparation takes some pure Irish setup i.e. a good bottom pot with a hanger and some readymade ingredients. This contains butter, beacon, potatoes, sausage and onions. To enhance the taste we can use herbs like thyme or parsley. a bit of pepper from the top would be nice. This is a widely experienced and popular dish and it has various version available in the country. It is advised to shimmer the whole thing with patience for best result.

Irish stew

This is possibly the famous food Irish people switch to on St. Patrick’s Day which is one of the most celebrated event of the year. This is a stew that is enriched in nutrients and the cost is bearable and the taste says for itself.

This preparation includes meat, fresh vegetables and some herbs. In vegetables we may name carrots, potatoes, onions but to improvise the taste we can add mushroom and Guinness. The meat is preferably lamb but mutton won’t make any difference either. All the items are put in a big casserole and heated for hours. The longer it takes the tastier it gets. While serving, add some parsley and thyme for garnishing and better taste. The process is simple despite being longer.


This is a popular dish among the peasants which is simply a cake of potatoes.  There are different ways to make a boxty like baking in the oven, boiling or cooking in a skillet.

Conventionally boxty is a combination of cooked and raw potatoes although over the years, people have found their own versions of  bread, dumpling or butter. The recipe is quite simple. Potatoes are heated and boiled then drained and mashed at the first step. Then we add buttermilk, flour, salt, baking soda and grated potatoes with it. At last we pan fry it in butter. It can be served with sausage and any other preparation.


Potato seems to rule the Irish dining table and colcannon is no exception in this case. This is a traditional and easy dish which holds a special place in the dinner table.

First we boil the potatoes with the skin on. Cabbages are chopped separating the core and the outer leaves. Make small piece for better garnishing. Now boil them while on another pan add some milk and scallions. While it is heated up mix some peeled and boiled potatoes in that mixture and stir well to make the paste. Now add the paste with cabbage and potatoes and put pepper and salt according to the taste.


This is another form of potatoes and milk that makes some mouthwatering preparation. The recipe is simple and quick and the outcome will bring a broad smile on your face.

Use mashed potatoes in this dish. Mix sliced scallions, butter and ilk and heat it up. Mix the potatoes with in the paste and add some salt and pepper. To make more delicious add some shredded butter with it.

Irish shepherd’s pie

This is another very popular recipe among farmers on St. Patrick’s Day which includes potatoes, onions and lamb. Although nowadays we see variations that includes beef.

Mix mashed potato, salt, pepper and milk and heat it. Leave it cool down. Then brown the lamb and mix with the veggies like carrots, celery, peas and onions. Keep the lamb out of the heat for some time before using it in the mixture. Heat it up until the onion gets transparent. Then add lamb, broth and flour along with mustard sauce, salt and pepper. Then add mashed potato, add cheese or butter according to your choice and bake for some time. Now it is ready to reach the plates.

Now we will talk about some desserts. This is like music or love. There is no barrier no variation in preference. Everyone loves desserts be it in any form. We will discuss about the most popular Irish desserts here.

Guinness cake

This is like normal cakes with addition of Guinness. You will need a 9 inch long springform pan with a parchment lining. Mix all the cake ingredients along with the special element. Now make the cake and add proper icing and take it inside your mouth to cherish the Irish way of love.

Cheese cake

This is another item that completes the St. Patrick’s Day menu. This may sound like a normal cake but there are many things you need to do right or you will not reach the cheese cake you are actually working on.

The special ingredients are the right kind of cheese and Irish whiskey pecans. You must need to choose the perfect whisking pecans and the cheese has to be appropriate for the recipe. Apart from that you need to keep an open eye on the baking technique and correct whisking.

Now lets talk about some famous Irish bread.


Scones are easiest and simplest bread and doesn’t need much effort or time. There is no need to add yeast and wait for fermentation. Just use some fine quality flour and make the doughs. Cut them in scone shape and put a thin layer of butter on the surface. Add baking soda, milk and butter while making the dough. Now leave them on the flames like ancient process or simply bake them. You can add raising and sugar considering your taste.

Now to complete the table menu we will talk about some Irish coffee and have a strong ending.

Irish coffee

You must be weary from all the searching you just made for the traditional recipes. So let’s sit down and have a cup of Irish coffee. The process of calming yourself with cooking will be completed when you take a sip off the most outstanding coffee of Ireland.

The recipe is simple. Make a strong normal coffee. Add shots of Irish whiskey and put some whipped cream. Stop! Don’t stir. Take a sip that way. You are tasting the most amazing coffee of this beautiful island. The steaming hot coffee will make you feel fresh when the cream will give you chills. According to your need you are allowed to add sugar.

Now as you have completed the list, don’t wait for St. Patrick’s Day and get into kitchen to start making dishes one by one. Happy Irish dinner!

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