What Are The 5 Best Tools For Cooking Dim Sum At Your Home

Cooking is an art. It can yield different results when practiced with different hands and various courses of actions. It demands creativity and skills that can temp the customers to grab it without giving a second thought. Cooking can be very interesting when you know the exact rules and are passionate about it. It can be considered as any other art and one who cooks can be thereby, called as an artist.

Many times you may think that some dishes are meant to be had in restaurants only just because you do not know the appropriate ingredients or the proper way of preparing that very dish, but it is not the case. Anything and everything can be prepared at home when you have the internet with you. Dim sum is one such food item that can also be made at home. Let us have a detailed talk over how to prepare dim sum and what are the requirements to make this dish a success.

What Is Dim Sum?

Dim sum is a stylish Chinese cuisine. It gained fame because of the way it is served in some restaurants. It is mostly served in small steamer baskets or on small plates. It is prepared as small bite-sized portions of food. It is used as a starter as it is a very quick-to-prepare-and-serve food item.

Dim sums are delicious yet healthy. Traditionally, it was the invention of Cantonese for those who keep travelling like vagabonds or for rural farmers who used to reside in tea houses. Dim sum is simply a Cantonese version of high tea. With the increase in the variations in the culinary industry, dim sums have also been crafted using rice flour and meat that has made dim sum a faster dining material.

How Dim Sum Is Prepared?

As soon as dim sum has made its place in the global food industry, it has undergone different variations as well that suit the taste buds of people all around the world. In spite of variations and modernizations, the way of preparing dim sum remains, more or less, same.

Basically, dim sums are prepared by steaming it or frying it using a frying pan or the best electric skillet. Also, along with the alterations in this dish, cooktops are also changed depending on the course of action that is being carried out for making dim sum. Cooktops can also be called as tools.

Pre-amenities For Preparing Dim Sum

Tools are the first thing that comes up to your mind when you are into cooking. Although, ingredients and the methods decide the chief texture and taste of the food that is being prepared, tools also hold much importance. Proper care and attention should be taken while you choose your tools for cooking dim sum. Equipments that effectively assist in preparing dim sum are:

  • Steamer: A steamer, especially the one that has been made up of bamboo, is a very essential tool if you want to cook dumplings. It is must-have equipment for preparing dim sum. Steamer is basically a traditional-layered utensil that allows you to cook various food items simultaneously. The bamboo weave present inside the steamer lets the air to penetrate through the layers that prevents the dish from over-heating. Along with this, bamboo aids in absorbing the excess of moisture as well. Hence, food can be served in these steamers directly.
  • Wok: A wok is an Asian cooking utensil and is a huge vessel that is used to stir fried vegetables in general. The depth of this tool plays a vital role. At supreme level, it helps you to cook in larger amount that too without any worries of vegetables getting stuck at the bottom. You can stir the veggies effortlessly due to its broad and supple surface. It makes it easy and simple for you to cook the fillings you are seeking for your dim sums and it is a very convenient tool to own.
  • Straining Spoon: Dims sums can be fried and cooked as well. For the purpose of frying, the tool that is required is straining spoon. Straining spoon comes into play when you desire to cook di sums in a very large scale. A strainer is a long spoon with lots of holes at the extreme top of it so that oil can be dripped out of it and the dim sums can be oil free as far as possible. Strainers are available in variety of shapes and sizes. Thus, you can get a strainer from the market as according to your requirement to make your dim sums oil free.
  • Knives: Knives are too eminent for a cook. Only a cook can know the chief objective and importance of a knife. It is very essential for any culinary to contain a good set of knife to grow in their respective field. Now, if you want to cook dim sums, owing an authentic Asian knife set should be in your priority list. Dim sum asks to chop down the vegetables and mince the meat equally and this is why knives are so important when you are preparing dim sums. Well-sharpened knives enhance the chopping and mincing of meat.
  • Chopsticks: Chopsticks are very popular tools used by Chinese. As you know, dim sum is a Chinese origination, it becomes very obvious that chopstick is a must tool when you serve or eat dim sums. It won’t be needed while cooking dim sums, but it surely will make your dim sums look appealing when you serve the dim sums prepared by you along with the chopsticks beside. However, if you actually want to follow the traditional way of cooking dim sums, cooking chopsticks are also available in the market. Thus, you can prepare your dim sum using chopsticks as well.

Aforesaid tools are some of the supreme tools and the pre-requisites that are required while you cook or serve dim sums. To become a good chef, you must be aware of all kinds of various tools available for cooking different junk food. You can even cook dim sums at your home following the proper way with the help of the equipments mentioned above.

Dim sums have originally come from China. It basically works as a starter. It is a healthy food that is as tasty as any other junk food. Using proper and exact tools will aid you make dim sum in a healthy way. Also, you should gather ample of knowledge about the ingredients that will enhance the texture and taste of the dish beforehand.


Cooking, no doubt, requires creativity and cooking dim sums is a real big chore. You need appropriate collection of tools, ingredients, recipes and certain spices to make your dim sum tempting. In general, dim sum is cooked just by boiling it but as time passed away, dim sum has also taken up variety of forms. Dim sums can now be fried as well. Fried dim sums can also be made healthy and hygienic by using straining spoon to drip out extra oil from the dish.

Dim sums have become too popular these days. Even, a saucier is also fond of cooking dim sums when he is told to work upon a starter to refresh his customer with a soothing dish. Thus, cook your dim sum with the assistance of certain tools and lead your life in a healthy and a happy way.

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