Want To Become A Sushi Chef? Know The Prerequisites


During ancient time due to lack of technology our ancestors were unable to know the cooking method used in other countries. Their knowledge of cooking was confined to the one place where they were born. That time they were compelled to use the recipes used in their motherland only. But in modern era the scenario has completely changed. We can use the recipes and spices of other country and vice-versa. By using internet facilities one can learn the recipes by watching live video of chef of different country. Many household hints & tips are given to make dish delicious.


At present time people love to experiment with their dishes. In fact in restaurant also customers always order different foods which show that everyone wants to try some new dish. In this world of globalisation, the occupation of chef has secured a prestigious position. Being a chef is not a cup of tea. It is collaboration of art and cooking talent which shows how nicely one can give direction to his imagination during presentation and making of dishes. If someone wants to become a sushi chef, he must have artistic talent which complements his cooking skills.

What Sushi Is?

Sushi is a traditional Japanese food which is prepared by the fermentation of rice and fish together. It is a renowned Japanese fusion cuisine which has found its way to the heart of people all over the world because of its delicious yet healthy flavour. Sushi has become the part and parcel of Westerner’s diets. Nowadays this Japanese cuisine always remains in mainstream whether it may be a fine restaurant meal or quick takeaway lunch. The opening of sheer number of the Japanese restaurants clearly evinces the appeal of sushi by the customers across the worldwide.

Inarizushi, Nigirizushi, Makizushi, Oshizushi, Temakizushi, Chirashizushi and a westernized version of sushi are the some of the most popular type of sushi. Most of the sushi are prepared by some or all the following ingredients i.e. fish, white or brown rice, soya sauce, seaweed, sea urchin, caviar, tempura, pickled ginger, shrimp, crabs, avocado, cucumber and asparagus. Sushi chefs are food specialists who cook mouth watering and appetizing sushi cuisine by using above ingredients. They must have cutting skills and sound knowledge of cooking all varieties of meat. It takes minimum 10 years of training to be an expert sushi chef.

Significance of Becoming a Sushi Chef

In Japan, the title of head sushi chef is treated as the most prestigious award and people see that person with eyes full of respect and regards. The head sushi chef is called ‘Itamae’ in Japanese language which means before the board. That implies that the head sushi chef is all in all of production and management of sushi. Sushi chefs have to spend a lot of time in learning the methods before they are considered as at home in their field.

Educational Requirements:

To learn the delicacy of making perfect sushi it takes about 8-10 years. The traditional sushi chefs have to spend ample of time in sharpening their skills. There is no particular educational qualification and academic degree is required to be a sushi chef but a person must have at least school diploma degree so that he can get admission in various culinary universities. These universities in the US offer the sushi expertise in a very short span of time of 2 to 3 years.

To master the art of sushi some crash courses of duration 6 months are also available. The popularity of sushi is increasing by leaps and bounds and consequently the demand of sushi chef, who knows different version of Asian cuisine along with an added proficiency in Japanese cuisine, is also very high. By seeing the demand of sushi in market one can recover the money easily which was spent in the learning the art and delicacy of sushi.

Some Basic Skills Required to be a Sushi Chef

  • Person must have the sound knowledge of ingredients used in Japan. He should be familiar with the Asian and the Japanese cuisines too.
  • Must know how to create work of art that will be unblemished and delightful to eyes.
  • Having good communication skill is very important for all chefs.
  • Certification of sushi chef from any known culinary schools.

Sushi chef should have good presentation skills along with cutting skills. For becoming a sushi chef one must know how to maintain and control the prescribed hygiene standards in the kitchen. They should be able to handle peak hours in restaurant when some of the colleagues are absent by doing multitask. Sushi chefs are mainly known for their innovative ideas of making new recipes of sushi.

Some additional skills are also required which are as follows:

  • For getting proper taste the chefs are supposed to use only exotic Japanese ingredients and sauces which add vivid flavours to dish.
  • As umami flavour is needed to obtain by sushi. Hence the talent of perfectly fermenting fish is very important.
  • Chef must know about the types of side dishes that will be most appropriate for the fish chosen by customers.
  • In modern time there is a culture of fast making food. So sometimes chefs are expected to be fast and they may have to perform the art of making sushi before the guests also.
  • Based on quality, demand and availability of food they should be able to make orders on perishable and non-perishable items.
  • Mushrooms are considered as very pious thing. So he must know how to use them in dishes smartly without hurting the sentiments of natives.

Some Facts about Sushi Chef

In many countries sushi chefs are supposed to be male. In Japan, female sushi chefs are banned because according to their pretext women’s hands are warmer than men’s hand which spoils the taste of fish while touching it. Moreover they think that the cosmetics and fragrances used by women also ruin the stunning flavour of sushi. But slowly and gradually men are losing their interest in cooking sushi. As a result of which many women are getting jobs as sushi chefs in the restaurants. Many job opportunities are also increasing for them.

Pay Package

Globalisation of foods has increased the demands of sushi all over the world. Seeing the hike in demand one can opt it as his carrier goal. Depending upon the skills and experiences a sushi chef can get handsome salary of $ 20000 to $ 40000. The amount of money totally depends on the standard of restaurant and the talent of the chef. One can always expect good money in this field. Sushi can be prepared in microwaves in mild heat. So always follow microwave cooking tips.


Becoming a sushi chef has become a very reputed thing. But it is not that much easy. If you are interested in cooking and having good cutting and communication skills and also have some basic knowledge of different type of sushi then you can choose it as your carrier dream. You can earn name and fame by opting it. No one can stop you becoming a famous chef if you have all the skills.

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