Top Nutritional Facts Of Corn Oil With Its Usages

We have got so busy schedule that taking care of ourselves has become the greatest issue nowadays. Although we know that health is wealth, most of the time it gets ignored in our technical lifestyle. To solve this problem, doctors and scientists have introduced us with different vegetable oils that will take care of your health silently throughout the day without putting any extra effort.

What is corn oil?

Corn oil is one of that oil which is a smart replacement in your everyday cooking just to ensure better health. As the name states, corn oils are extracted from corn germ of corn that is known as maize. Like most of the vegetable oils it has high smoking point which makes it safer for cooking use as stir frying or deep frying d not change the molecular structure of the oil. To top of it, corn oil seems cheaper than any other healthy vegetable oils.

Composition of corn oil

The three main compounds that we find in any oil are mono-unsaturated, poly-unsaturated and saturated fat. These trio changes their percent composition that in turn makes the oil work in certain ways. In corn oil we find 12.7 % mono-unsaturated fat, 58.7 % poly-unsaturated fat and 24.2 % saturated fat.

Although we know that it is extracted from the germs of corn, nowadays, the manufacturers use genetically modified seeds which sometimes changes the quality of the oil. A study the famous biotech company Monsanto proved that 90% of the corn oils are produced form the GM seeds and they have negative effects on kidney and liver which responds to the chemical components of any food.

Usage of corn oil

Corn oil is very beneficial for our health and replacing the regular oil with corn oil will not only makes you heathier but improves the taste as well. Here we discuss about some of the corn oil usage that can make a great difference in everyday life (like French-fries, Indian, Japanese, Chinese or Irish traditional foods).

Cholesterol control

Corn oil happen to be a great source of antioxidants that control the LDL of our system. If we start consuming food cooked in corm oil when our LDL is within limits or on the margin, we can easily avoid the cholesterol problem. This is the most popular use of corn oil in medical field.

Moisturization of skin

Apart from helping in cholesterol control, corn oil happens to moisture our skin leaving it smoother and softer.  This will make your skin glow, increase cellular generation, works on the dead cells and gives you better results.

Conditioning hair

Corn oil acts as great hair conditioner. It conditions your hair, leaves it shinier and softer along with rejuvenating the scalp. If you have hair problem like fizzy or dull hair you must switch to corn oil for improvements.

Strengthen immune system

Corn oil provides some important fatty acids that improves our immune system. It contains omega-6 fatty acid that helps in betterment of our immunity and makes our body prepare to fight against any kind of ailments.

Proper functioning of digestive system

Corn oil is used as tonic for any problems related to kidney, liver, heart, digestive systems and sometimes reproductive system as well. To make our body function properly we need to take care of all these organs and corn oil tends to show great effect on them.

Hypotensive property

The patients who are suffering from hypertension are advised to take corn oil as it shows hypotensive feature and control blood pressure.

Apart from medical uses, we see some industrial use of corn oil. They are listed below:

  • Corn oil is used in soap making.
  • The tasty French-fries that we all love are deep fried in corn oil. So corn oil recipes will help you to become a food stylish.
  • Corn oil happens to be a very important component of various insecticides.
  • We use corn coil as carrier in many medicine.
  • Another industrial use of corn oil is as rust proof material. We apply it on iron to protect it from the environment.
  • This is used in biodiesel technology which is the new era of fuel and the future of human race is greatly depending on it.
  • The main ingredient in all the medicines that we use in heart attack emergencies contain nitroglycerin that is extracted from corn oil.

These are the most common fields where we use corn oils and shows great results.

Benefits of corn oils

Considering the all the uses of corn oil, it would be wise to have a clear view of the benefits we get from adding to our daily life.

Healthy heart:

Poly saturated fatty acid along with linoleic acid have great impacts on our heart. It is desired for the body to derive at least 5-10 % energy from the regular intake of fat by our system. It helps to keep our cardiovascular system at best working condition. While we take corn oil regularly with our food it is seen that the energy that our system is driving from the fatty acid boosts our heat up resulting in healthy life style.

High blood pressure control:

Corn oil foods happen to lower the blood pressure of our system. The patients who are suffering from high blood pressure due to hypertension, are advised to have food cooked in corn oil as it shows the tendency of lowering blood pressure by 10%. The regular users also state the same along with the scientists.

Cholesterol problem:

One of the trickiest process our body does is the intake of cholesterol. This is a form of sterol that can be really dangerous for us if crossed the permissible limit. Corn oil happen to have special sterol compounds like phytosterol that we also found in olive oils. These all are same in structure with that of the cholesterol. These help the system to gain control over intake of cholesterol. As a result, the LDL cholesterol loses its power of harming us.

Although we need to remember that there could be side effects of receiving too much fat no matter how healthy it is. So we should keep the balance in our regular diet.

Animal coat remedy:

In case you are having a pet and its coat looks dull it would be natural to get concerned. Corn oil serves the purpose of solving this problem rightly. Applying corn oil on the fur of your pet can result in better coat. Sometimes, the horses are fed corn oil to make their coat look attractive.

Skin and hair care:

The linoleic acid present in the corn oil works great on our skin. It boosts up the mechanism, increase cellular generation that let more new cells to grow. This process eventually result in smoother and softer skin. It doesn’t block the pores and the skin looks shinier.

In case of hair it rejuvenates the scalp, makes the roots strong and make the hairs look shinier. It conditions the hair and the will lead to healthier and thicker hair. For better growth, in recent days most hair oil manufacturers add corn oil to their production.

Considering all the facts that we discussed till now, we get the clear view about the benefits and usages of corn oil. When included in your daily diet it will strengthen heart and all other organs along with heathier skin and hair. More importantly this is cheaper than olive oil and serves almost same purpose.

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