Tips On Selecting The Best Electric Skillet

Cooking is an art and eating is a necessity. No matter, where do you reside, what is your status in society or what have you achieved in your life, food is something which is common to all. Though, the types of food may vary from person to person or place to place but the ultimate source from which you get energy is food only.

Frying is one of the cooking techniques that is practiced almost everytime you cook something tempting and spicy. Electric skillet is the one that aids in the frying process. To prepare healthy food, it is eminent you choose ingredients that contain ample amount of nutrition. Also, the utensils you select for cooking plays a vital role in providing you with a great meal. Hence, it is necessary you opt for electric skillets that suit and accomplish your necessities and let your creativity come into reality efficiently without compromising your health and hygiene.

About Electric Skillet

Electric skillets are also referred to as electric frying pans. As the name tells itself, an electric skillet is used for the purpose of frying various edibles. Along with the frying, searing and browning of the food items can also be done using the skillet.

An electric skillet is basically a flat pan that does not possess much depth. It has a long handle without any lid to cover it over. However, some pans may consist of smaller handles and covering lids as well. Electric skillets are versatile appliances that are used in the kitchen. This competent tool is a must for every kitchen as without this, it is next to impossible to fry, sear or browns your food in an enticing manner.

Peek On The Electric Skillet’s Basic Features

In this modern era, an electric skillet comes with a variety of features. From frying to browning various food items, electric skillet can perform it in an efficient and apt manner. The latest models of the skillets are mostly made up of non-sticky surface. In fact, they have been designed in such a way that they can control temperature proportionately. Moreover, some of the skillets are safer and they do not get ruined even after applying any dishwasher over it.

Stainless steel is the major composition of an electric skillet that makes it sturdy yet smooth. It has a non-stick coating of aluminum that makes it easy for you to clean it up. Now, for deciding which one will be the best skillet for your kitchen, it solely depends upon the dish you are good cook. Hence, we cannot generalize a particular type of electric skillet as the best skillet and it should be decided on some basic features. Read on more to gain the knowledge about it.

Basis Of Selecting The Best Skillet

The selection of an electric skillet should be decided on the basis of some major factors that include size, shape, temperature control, cooking style and cleaning methods. There may exist some food items that require an electric skillet to be small in size and at the same time, it is quite possible you desire to cook another dish that greatly demands you to fry ingredients in a spacious electric skillet. Hence, it becomes tedious and confusing to decide which skillet is best for your kitchen. Hence, enlisted below are some chief factors on the basis of which you should opt for an electric skillet.

  • Choose a size:

It is sensible to check accurately the dimensions of the skillet before you move on for cooking. Now, you already know that a 12-inch large skillet will obviously assist you in preparing food in larger amount for blend of people in a lesser amount of time wherein a small 10-inch skillet won’t provide you with such facility but it will help grill your sandwich in a more alluring manner.

  • Shape selection:

Skillets are generally circular or rectangular in shape. Oblong and square skillets are also popular these days. For selecting a particular shape for skillet, it is necessary you think what all food items you will be cooking in it so that the skillet you opt for will aid you as far as possible and you do not end up buying a skillet which hardly helps you in preparing at most two food items only. For cooking dim sum, skillets should be of moderate size and circular or square in shape.

  • Check the temperature:

The capability of controlling temperature is an eminent feature of an electric skillet. Although, nowadays, skillets have been designed in such a way that you can manage to make it’s temperature high or low as according to your requirement, yet there exist some of the skillets who have a fixed setting of getting either too hot or moderately warm. You need to capture the way you cook to figure out which kind of skillets you need. For deep frying, the skillet should reach atleast 450 degrees Fahrenheit while a skillet that can reach at most 400 degrees Fahrenheit only are good for stir frying.

  • The handles:

Skillets you purchase should contain long handles that are heat-resistant to maintain the safety of your family. Being a 21st century human, you obviously do not want to be in the list of such people who still uses a washrag or a handkerchief or even a t-shirt to lift up a frying pan.

  • The lid:

Skillets may or may not have a lid to cover it up as not all the meals you cook demand a covering. Still, it is always advisory and beneficial to buy skillets that have a lid over it. Using such skillets, you can prepare both kinds of meal. Materials used for designing lids should be heat-resistant as well. Glass lids are best for this purpose as it allows you to peer in on the food while you cook.

  • Cooking concerns:

In general, all electric skillets are used for deep-frying, searing, stir-frying, braising and sautéing. For all these processes to finish appropriately, especially for frying purpose, usage of rice bran oil is often recommended. Moreover, there are some models of skillets that have special inserts which let them bake, roast or grill various food items. So, it is best you go for such skillets only.

  • Cleaning methods:

It is very obvious for an easy going life, you want a skillet which will be easy and simple to clean and rinse off. Models that have the facility to detach the electric wires from the cook tops are the best when you are looking for a skillet that is easy to maintain.

Thus, it is necessary for you to keep all the aforesaid things in your mind before you buy an electric skillet for your kitchen so that you can buy the best possible model for your kitchen.


An electric skillet is used for numerous intermediatory cooking techniques such as frying, sautéing, braising, browning or searing. To choose an appropriate skillet for your kitchen, it is advisory to gather ample knowledge of the basic and additional features that can be there in a skillet. On the basis of that knowledge, you can buy an electric skillet for your kitchens that will make your life simpler and easier without compromising the texture and taste of the food you are cooking along with the proper maintenance of your safety.

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