Practical Tips & Hints For Your Household Work

Managing a house is not an easy job. Everyone wants to manage everything quickly and in a better way. Everything requires lots of intelligence and hard work. One must manage things in such a way that they do not waste their resources. There are lots of techniques to know for home cooking which makes managing household easier and more convenient. These techniques also help the cooks by teaching methods to reuse the leftover food and vegetables.

Household Hints and Tips

In today’s world where time is the most precious thing we want everything to be done quickly, easily and in a better way. There are lots of tricks which makes most of our work easier. Learn few tips to peel garlic quickly and make ice quicker. There are also ways which makes the fruits and vegetables last longer period of time. These techniques are really helpful in managing your house in a better way. Learn the tips and manage your house in a better way.

In this article there are few household tips which will help you manage your house well. The tips mentioned in this article are interesting and helpful. Go through these tips and make a note of them so that you can apply them whenever you are in the kitchen. These tips are going to be beneficial for you and your kitchen.

Use Rubber Bands to keep your eggs in one position

Due to the curvy surface of the eggs they keep on rolling off the counter. They may also stain the floor once they fall down. To avoid such cases use a thick rubber band and make them stand properly on the counter.

Peel Hazelnut more easily

Hazelnuts can be peeled more easily by heating them for 10 minutes. The temperature required to heat them must be around 350 degrees. After heating the nuts cool them and put them inside a mesh bag. Mesh bags are the ones in which you buy onions or oranges. Once you put the hazelnuts inside the bag, rub them with your hands. Make sure that you rub the nuts from above the bag otherwise you will have to clean the mess.

Make ice cubes within very less time

In case you hear suddenly that few guests are going to visit your place. The first thing you do is check the number of ice cubes in your refrigerator. If you find that the number of ice cubes is less then no need to panic as here is a technique to make ice cubes quickly.

In such cases, just quickly fill the ice tray with hot water. Do not use cold water and you can easily get ice cubes within less time.

Unstick the photographs which are stuck with each other

Most of us struggle to unstick the photographs which were taken few years back. Do not panic in such situation and hurriedly take your photographs apart. By doing this you may tear the surface of the photographs. Hair driers are really helpful in such cases. Just heat the photographs with a hair drier and they will get unstuck on their own very easily.

How to check whether your eggs are fresh or not?

To check whether the eggs are still fresh or not dip them into a bowl which is full of salted and cold water. If the eggs sink inside the water they are fresh and if they rise to the surface of the water they are not fresh. So, check the eggs before having them.

Make your vegetables last longer

You might get worried when you have lots of vegetables at your home. In such cases, since you cannot use all the vegetables you look for ways to preserve them. For long life of your vegetables, line the drawer of the fridge which contains the vegetables with paper towel. A paper towel absorbs the moisture of the fruits and vegetables and hence they can stay fresh for a longer time.

What to do if your brown sugar has become rock hard?

Seeing your brown sugar turn rock hard is a painful sight. However, most of us have at least once encountered this problem in our life. To bring back the brown sugar to its original state keep a slice of bread with the rock hard brown sugar.

How to ripen fruits quickly?

Raw fruits are no more a problem since there are techniques which can ripen the fruits easily. Fruits like avocados, tomatoes and bananas can easily be ripened by keeping them inside a brown paper bag. Do not forget to keep an apple inside the bag. Within two to three days your fruits will get ripened. Apple gives off nitrogen gas which makes the ripening procedure faster.

Old Breads can be used

Did you find a loaf of leftover bread? Do not throw it away since it can be used. Store the bread inside the freezer. The stored bread can be used later in recipes which require breading. Slice the bread into pieces before storing it in the freezer. If the bread is in slices you can defrost only the required number of slices instead of the whole bread.

Extract more juice from your lemons

For extracting more juice from the lemons you can just roll the lemon over the kitchen counter before cutting it. After getting rolled if you squeeze the lemon you can get more juice. Inserting a fork inside the lemon and twisting it can extract more lemon juice.

Peel off garlic more easily

Fresh garlic plays an important role in enhancing the taste and aroma of the food you cook. However, the problem arises when you have to peel the garlic. Peeling off each piece takes much time. For doing it quickly keep the garlic inside the microwave for fifteen seconds. The skin will automatically be removed. Therefore, within 15 seconds you can peel as much garlic you want.

Peel off the eggs very easily

If you hate peeling off the eggshells we have a solution to your problem. Before boiling your egg hard stick a small needle into the egg.  Adding a pinch of salt in the water for boiling the egg will also prevent the egg shells from getting cracked when you boil them.

Want your crispy meringue back?

If your meringue has gone soft then you can easily get back your original meringue by keeping it inside the oven. Keep the temperature low and you’ll get your meringue back.

How to keep left over ice cream fresh?

You might find ice crystals on the leftover ice creams. If you want to avoid that, then before you shut the container, wrap the ice cream firmly with a plastic. The plastic wrapper prevents air to reach the ice cream and hence there is no formation of ice crystals over the ice cream.

Onions hurt your eyes a lot

Cutting onions is not so easy. The moment you start cutting onion it starts hurting your eyes. Well, there is a solution to this problem also. Just cut the onion into two halves and keep them inside a bowl of water. Cut the onions again after keeping them in water for some time, it will not hurt your eyes much.

Oops…Did you add too much salt in your soup?

Yes, it happens most of the time. People forget that they have already put salt in their soup and they again add salt. Obviously adding salt twice in any dish will make it too salty to eat. If you also happen to do such a mistake do not panic. Take a raw peeled potato. Cut it into two halves and put it inside the soup. Raw potato can easily absorb all the extra salt from your soup.

The tips mentioned above are sufficient to solve most of the household problems. Various home recipes might get destroyed if the cook does not know all the tips. The tips are interesting and beneficial for all the household managers. Therefore, follow these tips for a better life.


One must know that every problem has a solution. All you need to do is look for a solution instead of panicking. It is obviously not easy to manage a house. You have to handle lots of things at once. If you take problems calmly and try to solve them then your problems will vanish.

Whether you dish gets saucier or salter, it can be brought back to its original taste. Just keep in mind the above mentioned household tips and managing a house will be easier for you.

There are tips which teach you how to save leftover food and reuse waste materials. With the techniques and tips mentioned above most of your vegetables, breads and soups can be used for a longer time. We all buy ingredients from our hard earned money and hence we should never waste them. Follow the tips sincerely to preserve your resources.

Be smart in handling your household works instead of struggling with them!

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