How To Become A Saucier? Knowing The Skills

A sauté chef can also be named as a sauce cook or a saucier. A sauce cook is the one who is responsible for preparing sauces and for sautéing foods as according to the requirement in large professional kitchens. The position of a saucier is often considered to be the highest one than station cooks but still chefs and sous-chefs are primary cooks than a sauce cook.

In the field of food industry or you may say, in the culinary field, a saucier holds a specialization of making sauces. Along with the knowledge of cooking, this job demands expertised cooks who are creative and who have ability to handle pressure. No matter what your job position is, handling stress is one of the prior conditions you must inculcate in yourself to maintain the flow of your professional life.

Saucier’s Job Responsibilities

A sauce cook’s job is a lot more than just preparing sauces. If you want to become a saucier you need to be too creative and swift as this job asks you to complete your task within deadlines. You will be considered at a very reputed position in the brigade kitchens when you will become a sauce cook. The chief responsibilities of a saucier are:

  • A sauce cook prepares sauces, gravies, stews and hot edible items.
  • In large kitchens, usually there exist soup chefs separately who are responsible for preparing soups. However, you can see some of the brigade kitchens who lack such chefs. At that point of time, being a saucier, it will be your responsibility to prepare soups as well.
  • During lack of any other prep cooks, sauté cook is needed to prepare ingredients that are pre-eminently required to prepare any dish. These pre-eminent ingredients include- chopping carrots, peeling potatoes, preparing mixtures of spices in an apt amount.
  • A saucier, sometimes, is also answerable for preparing menus and recipes for the soups, sauces and stews available at a particular restaurant or any food providing centre.
  • Cooking Dim Sum can also be enlisted in the list of the accountabilities of a sauce cook.

Mandatory Qualification

Even if you are ardent by birth and you think that you can easily become a chef, especially a sauce chef, it is the requirement of any restaurant, big or small, that you must be qualified upto certain limits a saucier should be quailed in.

Using good ingredients do not always guarantee a good result. It requires a fine creative hand and eye to work over the ingredients to make it up to a lip-smacking dish. To learn these skills, you are required to get minimum qualifications that are as follow:

  • A high school diploma is the basic qualification required by any culinary industry.
  • Next, a professional degree in culinary art such as Bachelor’s in Hotel Management with the specialization of a sauce cook will pave your way towards becoming a saucier.

The degrees should, ofcourse, be from some esteemed universities or top-grade culinary schools to be free from a hassle of roaming here and there in search of job in the reputed food industries. The duration of the course should be of 2 to 4 years.

Pre-requisites For A Saucier

Since you want to become a saucier, this is very obvious you should gain knowledge of how to prepare good quality sauces in minimum possible time. Along with that, you must also gain an appropriate knowledge of cooking, practically and theoretically. The basic knowledge that is given in any degree related to culinary art is same for all. Specializations in any field starts near the end of the degree course. Just getting a degree will never let you go up. There certainly exist various phenomenons. Some of them are:

  • Experience: Experience is what makes you different from the ones who are working under you. It is not always the case that if you have a higher degree, you will surely be at high position in your career. Experience holds much importance when it comes to positioning the employees from high to low. Even the staffs are also aware from the formal education of cooking. But with the practical experiences, you can grow yourself in any field. Also, while working under a head, you will get to learn how to work efficiently under stress.
  • Training/Internship: While studying, if you want to grab success a bit earlier than your mates, it will be better you apply for certain unpaid internships or part-time jobs that will provide you with a lot of practical notions of culinary. Small training courses that aid you in learning a unique skill such as making French sauces can also be undertaken to make yourself stand out in a crowd. These types of training courses will certainly help you gain the basic practical knowledge and will also enhance your cooking skills as a saucier.

Indispensable Skills

Besides education, experience and training, a sauté cook should possess certain skills as well to master in the field of culinary and to come out as an idol for those who are aspiring to become a saucier.  Cooking is the basic skill. Along with that, you should have the following qualities:

  • How to handle various edibles. How to store them. When should they be used while preparing sauces or any other dishes.
  • Knowledge of almost all kinds of sauces that exist on earth. How to prepare them and what can be served along with those sauces.
  • Ability to follow certain rules and instructions sincerely. Measuring the amount of certain ingredients ardently.
  • Creativity with the eatables when there is a need of a new kind of a recipe in any restaurant. Proper care with the texture, quality and taste should be taken while you are about to do something new with your dish.
  • Skills of garnishing, plating and presenting food in a manner that will tempt customers to buy that particular food item. You should also know how to select best electric skillet while preparing sauces or any other dishes.

As a saucier your behaviour should also be taken into consideration i.e. professionally your behaviour should be:

  • You should be able to accept things and agree on the notions given by your master chef.
  • You should be swift yet you should know how to use things carefully to avoid any kind of mishappenings while cooking.
  • You should know how to work with a team as cooking is not a chore of an individual when you are working in a brigade kitchen, it is a team effort presented skilfully.
  • You should be tactful and should know how to handle load while working in shifts.


To become a saucier, along with the education and training, it is equally eminent for you to hold certain skills as well if you actually want to touch the zenith’s height. Saucier not only prepares sauces but also assists in garnishing and enhance the appearance of any food item. A saucier also plays the role of prep cook when there is a lack of staff in some kitchens.

Therefore, saucier is the one who should possess the knowledge of everything related to the culinary art. Go for it only if you think you are passionate about being a sauce cook because otherwise it may lead your life to a wrong direction from where you might not come back and start again your career easily.

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