How Rice Bran Oil Promotes Healthy Cooking?

What is rice bran oil?

Rice bran oil is one of the most popular oils that are used in the cooking, specially, in south Asian countries like India, Bangladesh, Japan, China etc. Rice bran oil is extracted from the hard brown outer layer of the husk. It is popular for its high smoking point that is around 232o C or 450o F. Because of this feature, it can be used safely in cooking. While stir frying or deep frying, the oil remains exactly stable making no change in its mild flavor.

How it works

Most of the doctors advise to use rice bran oil in cooking considering its positive effects on human health. It deals with many serious health issues and strengthen the immune system that pays us in long run. It contains antioxidant g-oryzanol, made of ferulic acid or triterpenyl and steryl that plays a major role in cure of various issues like cholesterol or menopause etc.

Benefits of rice bran oil

The benefits of rice bran oil in daily cooking is never ending and we will describe some of the point here.

Menopause control:

Research on the benefits of rice bran oil starts its journey from the most common problem women face every month. It is seen in the surveys that the women who consume foods cooked in rice bran oil are more likely to have less menopause problems like hot flushes and other irritation symbols. 90% of rice bran oil user suffers less in their menstrual period than the women who doesn’t. Not only studies, the women using this oil also suggested the same claiming it positive aspects regarding this problem.

Cholesterol disorder:

According to American Heart Association and World Health Organization, rice bran oils contains fatty acids in such composition that it leaves a positive impact on body and stop the formation “bad cholesterol” resulting in reduced chances of heart attack and strokes. Rice bran oil happens to have possibly the best composition of mono-saturated fat along with poly-unsaturated and saturated fat while comparing with other vegetable oils.

The beneficial forms of cholesterol restricts the generation of bad cholesterol in our body. Rice bran oil increases the good cholesterol eliminating the threats of bad ones in our system. Its balanced fatty acid controls most of the cholesterol problem and offers you a healthier heart where you don’t need to compromise taste.

Premature aging:

From the ancient one of the biggest fantasy of man-kind is controlling aging process. Although it could never be achieved in that sense but rice bran oil seem to help in the process. Vitamin E more specifically tocopherol is known to control the premature aging of skin apart from preventing cancer. Free radicals are known to attack the skin cells increasing the tendency of premature signs.

As a cure to the problem vitamin E contained in rice bran oil speeds up the healing process of the skin, reduces wounds issues, increases skin cell generation that results in new smooth skin. Not only this, it reduces sunburn and wrinkle issues as well.

It also boosts up the protective quality of the skin cells and as result foreign toxins or pathogens find it difficult to enter body through the skin cells.

Allergic reaction:

It is very natural to allergic response of any product. Sometimes despite having positive effects, our system refuses to take in the product due to obvious reasons. This allergic reactions varies from man to man but in case of rice bran oil we can confidently declare it to be hypoallergenic. Most of the vegetable oils are unable to show this feature.

It not only shows no allergic actions but prevents other allergies as well. The tendency towards any allergy will be calmed if you are using rice bran oil daily.

Weight loss exertions:

It is known that rice bran oil is rich in fiber but the when applying in food, it is only absorbed 20% by the human system. The less oil it absorbs the less the fat intake is, keeping the flavor and quality same. As the fat entering body reduces, the weight loss process accelerates. This will in turn be beneficial for your health.

Cancer prevention:

Rice bran oil is an enriched source of antioxidants. We get this important element in from of vitamin E or oryzanol. There are other vegetable oils as well that claims to serve the same purpose but they lack tocopherol and tocotrienol which decelerate the neutralizing process of free radicals in the body with the help of antioxidants.

Free radicals are very dangerous for human body. The cells that usually show positive effects can be transformed into cancerous cell and gets fatal for the body.

Rice bran oil reduces this radical effects and helps to prevent cancer. Although the scientists are not very much sure about the effects still, it won’t hurt to use this oil in your daily life.


There are many advantages of rice bran oil but we need to think about another aspects. The fiber may be useful for many health issues but if you are suffering from ulcers then the fiber may create blockage and may leave a negative mark on your heat.

So far we have discussed the benefits of rice bran oil but if we don’t know the proper usage of it there could be chance to miss some of its paybacks.

Now we will discuss about the use of rice bran oil.

Use of rice bran oil

The rice bran oil is used in cooking for health issues but it can be used also on hair or skin. Here are some common usage of RBO.

Medical issues:

Rice bran oil is very enriched source of antioxidant and many more important elements. It reduces the tendency of heart attack and strokes. The controlled amount of cholesterol reduces many threats that you need to deal with if you don’t use RBO regularly.

Application on skin:

The main content of RBO i.e. antioxidant plays a great role in preventing premature aging. It provides the skin cells with appropriate nutrients and other required elements that increase the cellular generation along with boosting up the immune system. It hydrates the skin to retain the moisture. The skin looks smoother and feel softer while surface gets better. More importantly, it evens out the skin tone, removes wrinkles and gives you a fairer complexion.

While doing all these, you can switch to beauty products also but the main problem with them is that they clog the pores and you skin start showing the after effects. In case, of rice bran oil it doesn’t clog the pores and helps to avoid the problems caused in earlier cases.

Application on hair:

We always tend to worry about our hairs which loses it shine due to pollution and other harmful factors. Rice bran oil rejuvenates your hair, makes it look shinier, takes care of your scalp and regular use can make your hair grow thicker. It protects you hair from sun damages and if you have oily scalp then it treats that issue as well. At the same time it nourishes the roots that is the best solution for any kind of hair problem.

Considering all the benefits and the positive usage rice bran must top your grocery list. A little change in your meal will  make your dishes tastier and boost up your immune system resulting in an healthier life.

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