7 Perfect Healthy Food For Women

Being healthy in this era has become a serious challenge for everyone in the world. The reason behind this could be the implementation of advanced automatic technology which has minimized lots of human effort and hand work. Also, these days we are habituated to have lots of junk foods which are harmful for our health.

It is very clear to all of us that in today’s world, women have proved their potential in each and every field.  Therefore, it is very important for women to stay healthy so that they can continue showing their skills. The first and foremost thing which not only women but everyone needs to do is to have a proper and healthy balanced diet. Healthy food for women not only helps to keep them physically fit but also minimizes the chances of any kind of life taking diseases. So, make a list of the foods which are healthy if consumed on a regular basis. Healthy Fats have proved to be outstandingly beneficial for everyone’s health.

Out of many healthy foods, you can go through the seven foods which women must have to stay healthy and fit throughout their life.


Tomato is the common food loved by all and is also easy to cook. According to the research done by the experts, tomatoes are rich in lycopene which plays a major role in helping women to get rid of cervical and breast cancer. Tomatoes are very good to keep our heart healthy. After having a survey of around 40,000 women, experts from Boston have concluded that lycopene or other phytochemicals consumed as oil-based tomato products may help you to prevent from any type of cardiovascular disease.

Method of having –While cooking tomatoes, addition of oil into them results in production of lycopene and other antioxidants. These if consumed by women keeps them healthy and fit.


Flaxseed is a hot ingredient food mainly for women. Experts have examined three benefits of this particular food. The benefits are the plant based omega 3 fats, fiber, and disease-fighting compounds called lignans.

A mayo clinical test done on flaxseed says that 40 grams of smashed flaxseed is capable of cutting hot flashes, and many other reports also says that it can reduce ‘bad’ or LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. One of the Chinese studies done on the same states that it has a good impact of lowering cholesterol in women. Some other grades of this seed like gold or brown helps in fighting with breast cancer.

Caution: It has been advised by the experts that pregnant or nursing women should avoid having this seed till some more tests are performed.

Directions for use: Consume only 1-2 tablespoons per day. The reason is that these seeds cannot get easily digested.


This green leaf is full of advantages and benefits for the good health of people and especially for some of the women. Lutein and zeazanthin are the two antioxidants present in kale in order to save people from any kind of problems to their eyes. Additionally it is also rich in vitamin C and also contains small amount of calcium.

It contains high volume of vitamin K in it which is beneficial for women. It has been examined by the experts that there is very less chance of hip fracture for women who consume diets rich in vitamin K. Vitamin K is also needed in order to keep the proteins of the bones active and it also fights with the problem of osteoporosis. This disease is very much common in women and it affects women at a much faster rate than men.

Directions for use: You should have 36 calories per cup cooked and you can have it as much as you can.


Salmon contains omega 3 fats in it which has lots of benefits. However, women can enjoy some unique benefits if they have this food regularly.  According to the test the oil content in fat fish like salmon helps you to overcome post-partum blues, especially if you lift up the consumption during the third trimester. It is beneficial in building blocks for the brain and nervous system. According to a survey it has been concluded that heart diseases are mostly the reason behind the death of women. Consumption of fatty fish helps to improve the health condition since these increases the estrogen level.

Direction for use – The amount of salmon intake per week should be four ounces.

Cranberry juice

When it comes to women urinary tract infections, natural cures like cranberry juice really work. It is rich in vitamin C and is acidic in nature. It cures such infections because it contains antioxidants called proanthocyanins which heals such problems. These prevent bacteria from sticking to the walls of bladder which may lead to increase in infection. Tests are still conducted on concentrated cranberry extracts just to see whether they can fight against UTI’s.

Directions for use – It basically varies from person to person.

Greek yogurt

This food items offers a lot of proteins and also has less sugar content. It has low carbohydrate which maintains the blood sugar level. As said by the experts, protein content is most beneficial for a healthy body. It helps women to lose weight, it also maintains their muscles so that they do not create problem. So, learn the benefits and start consuming from today itself.

Amount of consumption – There is no restriction to the amount of yoghurt intake by women. It is the best and the most convenient snack.


Walnuts have the ability to fight with both breast cancer as well as osteoporosis. According to the latest tests performed, two ounces of walnuts intake each day helps to fight breast cancer and also lowers the growth of tumor. Phytosterol is the antioxidant found which is known for fighting against cancers. It also turns bones healthier and stronger.

Amount of consumption – To start with one ounce of walnut would do since it is rich in calories.

Consuming healthy food helps to keep your body fit and fine, additionally they also have medicinal values which help to fight against lots of dangerous disease. Healthy fats are also found to be the most beneficial food consumed by women. So, switch over to healthy food for a healthy life.

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