7 Best Alternatives For Your Broiler Pan

You can live without music. You can live without entertainment. But without food, can you? Can you ever imagine your life without meals? Do you think you can lead your life smoothly without food? Well, the answer, obviously, is no.

Food is the basic requirement for leading a happy and a healthy life. Healthy food will let your mind work in an instant way. A sound mind resides in a sound boy and a sound body needs to intake healthy food to gain energy. This is the reason why food is an eminent part of our lives and it is indispensable to even imagine lives without food. To prepare healthy food, one of the most important things is utensils you use. Utensils used while cooking must be appropriate and clean. Pan used for broiling, namely, broiler is an example of one of such utensils.

About Broiler Pan

As you have already read, a pan that helps in broiling is termed as a broiler pan. It is a utensil and can withstand severe heat. It is sturdy and mostly used for roasting, toasting or baking purposes. Broiler pans are often offered by the dealers along with a new oven. It can also be bought separately from any gourmet food stores. These pans are made up of a flat, cookie sheet like surface with holes for grease. These are used inside the oven at the bottommost part so that heat is conducted above the food.

Usually, a broiler is a pan that is rectangle shape, it is created of two pans sited one above the other. One is deep lower-drip pan and the other is a shallow upper-slotted pan. Both of them have some specific tasks that drive the process of broiling. The upper slotted pan clutches the food by allowing the leaking to drain out into the lower-drip pan. The lower-drip pan secures the drippings from the food that have been placed in the upper pan.

Broiling-With Or Without Broiler Pan?

The process through which you can cook your food quickly is called as broiling. Broiling can be considered almost as grilling. The only place of dissimilarity is, in grilling-source of heat is beneath the food and in broiling-heat source is over the food. In broiling, food is cooked under high heat inside the oven. Meat, fish and poultry are some major edibles that are concerned to broiling. Though, broiling can also be carried out with vegetables and fruits at times, but edibles that do not fall under vegetarian’s category are mostly used for broiling purposes.

In comparison to frying, broiling can be regarded as a healthy option in the culinary field since it abolishes fats from dishes while cooking. Broiler is a must to accomplish this. However, there are some other utensils as well that may be used in place of a broiler which means broiling is possible without a broiler as well. Let us have brief look over such utensils in the next lines.

Alternatives To A Broiler

Broiler is a necessity when you want to cook meat or some other food items that seek broiling. Without a broiler, it was almost impossible to cook those food items in a less amount of time earlier. But now, you have various good options of cookware in place of broiler pans. They are:

  • Roasting Pan: Roasting pan is one of the supreme alternatives to broiler pan. It is a large pot that is kept inside an oven for cooking/roasting meat. It’s deep down inside which allows you to cook your food in large amounts. This pan too has been built up using the same materials that have been used up to develop a broiler. All those materials that can actually bear high temperatures will be the best to build up a roasting pan. These materials include cast iron, anodized aluminium, enamelled steel or stainless steel. However, some roasting pans are such that they can be simply kept over the oven.
  • Baking Tray: Instead of a broiler, you may also use a baking tray. However, before going for it, do read all the instructions carefully written in the manual of microwave cooking tips and ensure that whether it can withstand high temperatures or not.
  • Grill Pan: Broiling and grilling are almost similar with a few differences. Hence, grill pan will be a very good option as a substitute to a broiler.
  • Cast Iron Pan: As you know, iron, being a metal, conducts heat efficiently. It has gained much popularity since it distributes the heat over the surface of the pan evenly. This results in thorough cooking of food in and out. These are an optimal choice for broiling as these are easily available in household kitchen stuffs and hence, you need not shell any extra bucks to broil your food.
  • Skillet: This is a frying pan but can also be used in place of a broiler to broil your food.
  • Aluminium Tray: It should be your last option. Although, it is handy but you should go for it only when you have no other alternative left. However, it exhibits two chief benefits over other options and they are: 1) It is available at a minimal price. 2) It can be easily disposed and so, you can save your valuable time after broiling as you need not rinse or wash it after the whole process has been done. You can simply dispose it out from your kitchen.
  • Paella Pan: Paella itself is a dish made up of rice, meat and some sort of vegetables. Pan used for making this dish can be a good choice too for broiling as it can bear severe temperature for long hours.

Methods To Use The Substitutes

Aforesaid alternatives cannot be used in the same way a broiler is used for the process of broiling. These have some different rules and courses of actions that are demanded to be carried out to get a successful repercussion of broiling. Methods are enlisted below:

  • Fill up the lower part of the substitute with some vegetables like onions, turnips, carrots or potatoes. Put down the meat over the vegetables and then place your alternative utensil inside the oven.
  • You may also place a rack that can cool down the wire over the substitute. After that, you can put your meat over the rack. Finally, let it get heated by placing it inside the oven.

Either of the two options can be selected to get your broiling done using broiler pan alternatives instead of broiler pan for the process of broiling. However, vegetables can be used as a complementary dish if you are using the first method. Saucier are good at creativity. Hence, they may be consulted to take help regarding notions of how to use the vegetables in an appropriate way after broiling process has been completed.


Broiling is a healthier option as compared to frying. It reduces the amount of fat in the meat and provides you with an apt amount of nutrition. Broiler pans have been designed in such a way that it delivers the best services under high temperatures. However, in this modern era, you can also use various substitutes as well in place of broiler pans.

All pans that are made up of metals can be used for broiling as far as they do not get ruined under high temperature. However, avoid using pans that consist of handles made up of wooden or plastic. Moreover, there exist various ceramic containers as well that are specially created for broiling purposes only. Hence, broiler pan is not only the option for broiling. You can easily opt for several other alternatives that can be easily available at homes and thereby, you can prevent extra expenditure of your currency which, otherwise, would have been squandered out in buying a broiler pan.

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